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3. Installation/Download

phyloMOD runs under Linux, any distribution.

It is distributed as a compressed .tar.gz archive so you need to copy the source files to your local computer and untar/ungzip them from the command line:

% gunzip phyloMOD.tar.gz

% tar xvf phyloMOD.tar

You should obtain a new directory, phyloMOD, containing the perl script and some annotation examples. can be used from any directory so you can copy wherever you need it.

Beeing a Perl script does not require any installation. Tough, the following software needs to be installed in your system:

I assume Perl is installed under /usr/bin/perl otherwise you need to go into and change the first line with the proper path to your Perl interpreter (you can find the path issuing the following command: 'whereis perl'). This is not needed if you launch invoking first the Perl interpreter (e.g. % perl

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